Where to Find and Buy Books in Cebu, from book shops to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Where do you find books in Cebu? And where can you buy books in Cebu? These questions aren’t super obvious—books aren’t as ubiquitous as beer unfortunately. Of course—there are ebooks, but sometimes you got to feel real paper pages between your fingers, right? On this page, we collect all the places where you can find fiction and non-fiction books in Cebu.

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Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Cebu

Big Bad Wolf Cebu is a yearly book sale event that you won’t miss! We visited this year, and it was a big spectacle, with lots and lots of books and peoople. Many books were sold at reduced prices, and we definitely left with way more books than we were planning to. If you love books, make sure you go next year. 🙂

For impressions on Big Bad Wolf read the 2019 account on mycebu.ph and the a bit older experience report on sugbo.ph for Big Bad Wolf 2018


Cebu Public Library

They also feature stargazing nights!



Book Sale, SM City

Cramped with books of all sorts, Book Sale has the charm of a treasure hunt … with a dozen others in a small room.

Book Sale is located on the underground floor.

Last been April 2019.

Fully Booked, Ayala


Last been March 2019.

National Book Store

Present in most malls, NBS displays by far the most books in Cebu.


These cafés feature a decent selection of books. They invite you to grab a random book, and read something you otherwise never would, while sipping a coffee or tea.

Books & Brews, in Mango


Brains on Beans, near Park Mall

A beautiful wall of books. I found the “One Minute Manager”, both as book and audio book there. Amazing.


Coffee Factory near BTC

Good coffee and a nice selection of mostly business-y books.

Turtle Nest, near Golden Peak

Turtle Nest is usually more of a place to grab a beer, but they do have shelves full of books, from mathematics to history, art and novels.


Of course, there is a good bunch of new and second-hand Cebu-based trading online. If we run over we’ll sure to let you know.