Healthy Food in Cebu

Finding food in Cebu is not difficult. The city offers a variety of food choices from all over the Philippines and plenty of pages are dedicated to point out the best lechon, best manok (chicken), best pochero. But what about vegetarian food? Healthy food? And where to buy those snacks and superfoods that are a bit harder to come buy, like pistaccios? Find the answers below!

Vegetarian / vegan food in Cebu

We all know by now that Cebu offers a variety of food. But what about vegetarian and vegan food in Cebu? A few years back you would have been hard pressed to point out even half a dozen. Nowadays they’re still not everywhere, but you’ve now choices with many restaurants having at least a section on the menu, and with some being exclusively vegetarian.

Have a look at our complete list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Cebu.


According to wikipedia Superfood is a marketing term for food assumed to confer health benefits resulting from an exceptional nutrient density. Some food that is consider as superfoods are nuts and seed, berries, dark leafy green and many more. 

Where can you find superfood in Cebu? Check out our list of articles below to know the benefits and where you can buy them in Cebu:

Hummus in Cebu

If you are from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries you will know what this yummy dish is. But for those who don’t here’s a quick introduction to what is hummus:

Now that you know what is hummus. You might be wondering where to get this delicious dish in Cebu.

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