OpenStreetMap (OSM)

OpenStreetMap is a map project offering a map of the world, similar to Google Maps. But OpenStreetMap is more than a map: like Wikipedia it’s mapping data is available under a permissive license and the project is run by a NGO.

We think that’s awesome.

Unfortunately, many of our favorite places in Cebu are missing from OpenStreetMap. We think that ought to change.

Read more about OpenStreetMap at Wikipedia.

What we do

We’d like to do our part to improve OSM for Cebu, so that you can use an open map of our Queen City of the South.

There are a couple of things we plan to do.

  • When writing about a cafe or other locations, we also link to OSM where we need a link to a map.
  • If we write about a location and we can’t find it on OSM, then we add it. If it’s there, we make sure the info is reasonably updated and complete. For example, we add opening hours.
  • Apart from that, we can do or participate in mapping events. For example, within a few hours, we might massively improve the map for IT Park.

An example

We maintain a list of coworking spaces in Cebu, right? Obviously, for each coworking space, we’d like to point you to a map. That way you can easily find the one you like.

But, since most coworking spaces aren’t on OSM yet, we’re adding them. For example, we added the Workplace Cafe Banawa branch to OSM.


There is a pragmatic reason: To make useful to you—and that’s our goal here—we need great maps. Google Maps is good but not great for our goals. By volunteering for OpenStreetMap we get great maps and we help others get better maps for themselves. That sounds useful.

There is a bigger perspective here, though: More than ever, we need access to data. Not just free to look at, but free to reuse, share, change. Think about Wikipedia and what it changed. OSM is that, for maps. That’s why we think it’s a good idea.

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