Vegetarian Restaurants in Cebu

Vegetarian Restaurants in Cebu: Best Choices in the City

Are there authentic vegetarian restaurants in Cebu?

As many of us have become more health-conscious in recent years, food has been an important topic. Especially vegetarian food has gotten lots of love recently. It’s no secret that most meat-based dishes aren’t exactly high quality—and that’s not even considering if the meat itself is healthy. 

Changing to a plant-based diet can help reduce the environmental impact of your eating habits, which is why many people are turning to veganism. According to research conducted at Oxford University, eliminating animal products from one’s diet is the “single biggest way” to reduce one’s carbon footprint drastically.

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So, how about it then? Where can you find vegetarian food in Cebu?

We love vegetarian food. That’s why we’re starting to collect places in Cebu where you have a decent selection of vegetarian or vegan food.

Why? Because, by and large, Cebu is a dream for meat lovers. You’ll find your treat from Korean BBQ and steak to local delicacies such as sisig or lechon.

But it’s a bit more complicated if you’re vegetarian. In fact, a couple of years ago, that might have been a real challenge.

Not anymore!

Vegetarian food is invading the menus in Cebu. Slowly but surely, you’ve got choices. Still, it’s not everywhere. As so often in Cebu, you kind of… need to know.

And since we enjoy vegetarian food ourselves—and have plenty of friends who do—we collect food places for you.

To be included in our list, offering a side of mashed potatoes or sour cream fries is not enough. It’s also not enough if you can ask the kitchen to prepare the salami pizza without the salami. Yes, no salami.

You know you’re in the right place when you can’t decide what to eat when a bunch of yummy things fights to be chosen.

As usual, we’re opinionated in what we add. However, if you think we can improve the list, please let us know at

Let’s discover all the vegetarian food in Cebu!

Check out the map of vegetarian restaurants in Cebu below. A few of them are even exclusively vegan. We hope you find your future favorite food spot through this post. Read on to see a list of vegetarian restaurants in Cebu.

Disclaimer: No affiliations. Opinions and selections are our own. Mistakes happen. Incomplete by nature. Reach out for updates:

  • 💯 : no meat on the menu
  • 🌿 : vegan choices on the menu
  • 🚚 : they deliver
Colorful Vegan Dessert

Vegetarian Restaurants in Cebu by Area


Ayala Mall Central Bloc





IT Park and around

  • Bharat Spice (Indian restaurant. Plenty of meat-free dishes. Inside IT Park, slightly opposite JP Morgan, next to Chibori)
  • Cafe Georg (Vegetarian burgers, Jambalaya. Outside of IT Park, near Crossroads) 🚚






  • Persian Palate.  The menu has both vegetarian and meaty dishes, but try their 💯 vegetarian buffet for ₱195: Thu, Fri, Sat 6PM-10PM. 🚚

Park Mall



SM City Cebu


🚚 Delivery Services

There are a whole bunch of services that will bring you a week’s worth of plant-based, vegetarian or vegan food to your home.

You usually pay them for a week and then each day they bring you three or four meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes a snack).

Where Else Can I Find Vegetarian Restaurants in Cebu?

We’re not the only ones collecting vegetarian and vegan food places. And since our goal is to be helpful to you, we’re listing our “competition” here. :]

Let us know if you know of other maintained & informative pages!

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