Coworking Spaces

Coworking Spaces: Why We Love Them (You Should, Too!)

Coworking spaces have grown exponentially as remote working swelled by 216% from 2005 to 2019. Hybrid work continued to accelerate during the pandemic, and new coworking spaces cropped up worldwide.

Those freelancing for a while are already familiar with coworking spaces. But for the uninitiated, it can seem foreign and confusing. How different is a coworking space from a flexible workspace? Is it the same as hot desking?

Let’s find out more about coworking spaces, what the coworking scene will be like in the future, and how it can help you be more productive at work.

What is a Coworking Space?

A coworking space is a shared space where people from various companies converge and work independently on different projects. Coworking is different from a traditional office because the people in a coworking office generally are not from the same company.

The first coworking spaces cropped up in the early 2000s and attracted freelancers and online entrepreneurs looking for an alternative to coffee shops and home offices. Coworking facilities have the same amenities a traditional office can offer and more.

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What Do Coworking Spaces Offer?

Coworking space providers offer flexibility because they allow hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals with access to high-speed WiFi, printers, meeting rooms, snacks, and beverages.

Some small coworking spaces are bare, offering nothing more than a work desk and Internet connection.

Why Go To a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces are workspaces that let you work in an office-style environment or use an office on flexible terms. Usually these coworking spaces provide you with some facilities that a normal office have.

Here are good reasons why you might consider spending some time in coworking spaces:

  • Work structure – Create your own routine, away from the distractions of home.
  • Networking and community – Offers a community of like-minded professionals.
  • Mentorship – Meet influential persons, accomplished entrepreneurs and great thinkers.
  • Emotional support – You’re surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs and professionals: this will give you much needed emotional boost.
  • Flexibility – Day passes, Flex passes, even hourly passes: all the flexibility to fit work to your life.
  • Collaboration – Join community events that foster collaboration among the members.
  • Productivity – Working alongside passionate and goal oriented people will inspire you to work more diligently.

What are the Different Types of Coworking Spaces?

Not all coworking spaces are the same. Particularly when compared to spaces in other countries, those in Cebu can be quite different. And that’s in good part due to the strong BPO industry here: many spaces cater to companies, not individuals. To make that clearer, here’s a summary of the different types of coworking spaces Cebu has to offer.

  • Coworking Spaces – They usually have that cafe vibe – relaxed yet dynamic. They make a perfect place for community and collaboration.
  • Shared Offices – is, well, an office shared by two or more businesses.
  • Seat Leasing – is a workstation-for-rent scheme. It allows businesses to rent seats or an office space for their employees in a fully equipped outsourcing center.
  • Study / Learning Cafe – can be considered as a coworking space as it’s accessible to anyone who needs a place conducive for work.