sm city cebu travellers lounge

SM City Cebu Travellers Lounge: Services, Open Hours, and More

Did you know you can store your luggage and take a shower at SM City Cebu Travellers Lounge? Find out more about their services here.

SM City Cebu Travellers Lounge might be SM Cebu’s best-kept secret. If you are dragging your heavy luggage all through the city, consider just dumping it at this Travel Lounge for a small fee.

Still at the airport and undecided where to go? Consider taking a MyBus for a cheap ride into the city—one of it’s stops is SM City and the Traveller’s Lounge will be right there to drop your luggage at. If you want to read more about MyBus and other ways to get into the city, read our article on the topic.

Phone Number of the Traveller’s Lounge

Here is the phone number of the Traveller’s Lounge SM Cebu:

Phone: +63 (32)-232-0293

NOTE: This means the Lounge closes a bit earlier than the mall—and it closes much earlier than the restaurants outside. Don’t forget to get your luggage in time.

Opening Hours

Here are the opening hours:

The Travel Lounge opens 9:00 am and closes 08:30 pm.

NOTE: This means the Lounge closes a bit earlier than the mall—and it closes much earlier than the restaurants outside. Don’t forget to get your luggage in time!

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Where to find the Traveller’s Lounge SM Cebu?

Let’s clear out one possible confusion up front: the Traveller’s Lounge is located in SM City North Reclamation Area (NRA), Juan Luna Ave Ext, Cebu City —not in SM Seaside.

The Lounge itself is not inside the mall but attached to it. It’s located opposite of Radisson Blu Hotel, which is a giant hotel, so you can’t really miss it. If you’re inside the mall, ask someone to point you toward the Radisson Blu exit.

When you’re exiting SM Cebu towards Radisson Blu, just turn left and walk 50 meters and you’re standing in front of it. Ask any guard for Radisson Blu, or even motorcycle parking and they invariably point you in the right direction.

Rates & Fees

Here is all that the Traveller’s Lounge SM Cebu City offers you—and how much they charge you:

Baggage Deposit & Luggage Storage

Drop your heavy backpack and your way too full suitcase for a few hours at the Lounge! 

  •  ₱50/day (per compartment)
  •  ₱30/day (half of one compartment)

Shower rooms!

Yes, showers! If you ever traveled a day you’ll know the feeling of being exhausted and weary and all you want is a shower and fresh clothes—but your hotel doesn’t allow early check-in yet and all you want is that shower, you’d pay anything for a shower … and that’s where the Traveller’s Lounge saves you because they have showers—and “anything” is only P50, so about $1. 🙂

  •  ₱50/person (maximum of 20 minutes shower time) 

Currency exchange

Exchange your US Dollars, Euros, or Yen for Philippine Pesos so you can spend, spend, spend. (Well, that’s why you go to a mall, right? 🙂 )

Phone Charging

Reading this on your phone and the battery is running out? No worries, you can charge your various electronics at SM Traveller’s Lounge, too. Against a small fee, unfortunately.

  •  ₱25/hour (cellular phone)
  •  ₱50/hour (laptop & other batteries)

Book plane and ferry tickets

Want to get out of the city? Not a problem: you can even book plane rides or purchase ferry tickets.