Worklab Coworking Space: Updated Review, Opening Hours and More

Worklab is a coworking space near the Talamban campus of University of San Carlos. Catering to students, it’s doing a lot of things right: you’ll like the hourly prices, the opening hours (24/7!) and the cubicles they set up for focusing.

Facilities are good, not great. Wifi was stable (though not many people were there yet when we visited). Electric outlets were everywhere available and not just for Type A plugs. Chairs were hard and not ergonomic.  The rest rooms were in good condition. Read more about facilities below.

Worklab is one big room with about three dozen seats. The curtains were closed, so what might have been a light-flooded room was quite glum. With half the seats being cubicles and students studying, the atmosphere generally good for focusing. Since we visited shortly after opening,  we’ll have to re-evaluate this as the space fills up.

We last visited Worklab end of January 2020.

Promos & Latest Updates

Worklab is closed and will move to a new location in Sep 2020.

Worklab just opened in October 2019.

A Filipino Entrepeneur-couple

Worklab is not your run-of-the-mill coworking space that some corporation runs because it fits well into its marketing portfolio. Instead, it’s the effort of a Filipino entrepeneur-couple who quit their call-center jobs and vowed to make Cebu their home by creating a coworking space. Low on budget, their friends joined their efforts and together they created Worklab. If you’re interested to learn more and what plans they have for the future, visit Worklab and ask Cheanie for more details. 🙂

Rates, Hours & Wifi

Serving students, Worklab does a lot of things right, starting with their location and not the least with their pricing and opening hours.

Coworking / study area

  •  Student Rates
    • Hourly ₱30
    • Daily  ₱200 (inclusive 2 coffee or iced tea)  
    • Weekly  ₱900 (inclusive 2 coffee or iced tea daily)
    • Monthly  ₱3200 (inclusive 2 coffee or iced tea daily)
  •  Regular Rates
    • Hourly  ₱40 
    •  Daily  ₱250 (inclusive 2 coffee or iced tea)
    •  Weekly ₱1200 (inclusive 2 coffee or iced tea daily)
    • Monthly  ₱4500 (inclusive 2 coffee or iced tea daily)

Opening hours

Worklab is open always, 24/7.

Wifi & Internet

Wifi and Internet was fast and stable at Worklab. We could do voice and audio calls just fine.

Of course, we visited the space early after opening when only few people were there. We’ll update this assessment when the space is fuller. 

Here is the speed test:

Your device doesn’t redirect you automatically to the Wifi login portal? Here is the link (as of Oct 2019):

NOTE: When logging in, don’t forget to click the checkbox.

worklab coworking spaces

Contact Phone number and Worklab online

+63 927 002 2566

Worklab on Facebook:

Where to Find Worklab: Address and Map

Worklab is located exactly across the gate of Sto. Nino subdivision in Talamban.

 2/F Ethan House Bldg., Banilad, Cebu City (across Sto. Niño Village)

What’s near?

The closest coworking spaces are Open Mind Banilad and The Spot.

The best cappuccino nearby is Drip and Draft in Streetscape.

You can find vegetarian food at various Indian restaurants in the area:

  • Hyderbad is 50m from Worklab. We haven’t been there, but it seems to be packed with Indians, which is usually a good sign.
  • Cherry’s The Spice is well-established
  • Bollywood Tandoori has a big menu of Indian street food and of course the usual dishes

Outlets, Chairs, Lavatory and other Facilities

  • Electrical outlets are not a problem at Workplace. They are available everywhere and support more than just Type A plugs, so you may be fine without an adapter. Each cubicle has two outlets on the table. For tables there are some on the floor—and maybe not enough for a full table.
  • Seating consists of hard plastic chairs for the cubicle and table area, and cushioned benches for the larger tables on the side. Neither is height adjustable or otherwise very ergonomic. For a few hours the seating is fine, but for a full day of work or studying the seats are a bit too uncomfortable.
  • Rest rooms are clean, smell fine and are stocked with toilet paper. No problem when you gotta go! 😀
  • Parking is very limited. There is space for two cars in the front of the building. You’ll probably be able to fit your motorcycle somewhere, but you have to be lucky coming with a car.
  • The now have couches.

Coffee, Drinks & Food on Menu

Worklab is selling cheap beverages and snacks. It is planning to have a food bar, which as of October 2019 is not yet there.

Corkage fee? We don’t know.

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