Affordable Overnight Accommodations near Mactan Airport

Arriving late at Mactan-Cebu airport and need to go into town in the morning—or have to catch an early morning flight? Then you are looking for affordable accommodation nearby. Have a look below.

How we chose

We searched all booking sites for options, including Agoda, Airbnb, What did an accommodation have to have as a minimum? 

  • Rated to be clean: No cockroaches this time
  • Overall good reviews: you’re exhausted and need to sleep, not run into a nightmare.
  • 24-hour front desk: The best hostel doesn’t help if you can’t check in after your midnight arrival.
  • Air conditioned room
  • Free Wifi: maybe you didn’t have time to grab a free SIM card at the airport

Best Dorm Nearby: OTravel Hostel P650

Less than 10 minutes drive from the airport. Offers only mixed dormitory rooms.

Prices for “Bunk Bed Mixed Dormitory” 

There are of course other hostels nearby the airport, but the ones we found have … mixed reviews. In case OTravel above is booked out, or you really must save those extra pesos, here are other options:

Halfway House Hostel Mactan

Approximately 1.3 km away from the airport or  less than 10 minutes drive.

Prices for

Single Room Accommodation

D522 @ Kiener Hills

This places offers single room and it’s 5 mins away from the airport.

Prices for

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