Coworking Spaces in Cebu

Coworking Spaces in Cebu: 12 Best Options in the City

Coworking spaces in Cebu were flourishing in 2019, with new spaces popping up every other month. Then COVID-19 came along and devastated the coworking space scene of Metro Cebu. Fast forward to 2022: with vaccination rates going up and lockdowns being less strict, spaces have opened up again, but we’re still nowhere near 2019 levels.

What Are Coworking Spaces?

Over the last ten years, an exciting new trend has emerged. We’re referring to coworking spaces where employees from various companies gather to get work done. 

The concept of coworking is based on renting space and then renting it out at a profit. In the coworking model, companies:

  • Rent buildings from property owners on long-term, multi-year leases
  • Renovate the facility by adding communal spaces, coffee shops, and other community-oriented features
  • Rent out the space to tenants at significantly higher prices and on more flexible rental agreements.

Startups, freelancers, digital nomads, and other independent or creative workers who cannot afford their office space are typical examples of these tenants.

Coworking spaces provide more than just a place to get work done; they also foster a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. Overall, coworking is an innovative new form of organization and business model that brings together entrepreneurs in a single space to create solutions to problems that can’t be solved anywhere else.

We miss rubbing elbows with hardworking, inspiring human beings. And you probably do, too. So here are a few updates on the surviving coworking spaces in Cebu. Watch this space as we are updating it whenever we find out relevant information about Cebu’s coworking scene. We also made a map of coworking spaces in Cebu and you can find it if you scroll down to the end of this article. Other information you can find on this page:

  • Opening hours
  • Hourly, daily, and monthly rates
  • Covid restrictions
  • And more.

How to Choose a Coworking Space in Cebu

Apart from location, here are some quick recommendations according to our personal preferences. Find the full list of coworking spaces in Cebu and our reviews of them below.

Coworking SpaceLocationPrice
Cheapest Hourly RateVananazShumava Residence Ground Floor, J.Urgello St, Cebu City₱22/hr
Cheapest Daily RateCo.Lab Einland2F Northdrive Mall, Ouano Ave, Mandaue City₱150/day
Cheapest MonthlyWorkhub826 Gov Cuenco Ave, Cebu City₱3500/month
Like a CaféAltspace11 Dionisio Jakosalem St, Cebu City,
Open 24/7TWC MandaueJamestown Mandaue, Mantawe Ave, Tipolo, Mandaue City₱320/day
Video-Call FriendlyThe Company MandaueGround Floor, Building 4, JDN Square, P.Remedio St, Mandaue City₱400/day

The Best Coworking Spaces in Cebu

Now that you know our personal favorites, we want to play fair and include the others that did not make it to our list. For now. Opinions change, right? So, below are some of the best coworking spaces in Cebu based on Google ratings and reviews. We also added links to our personal reviews of each coworking space.

Coworking SpaceLocationHourly RatesDaily RatesMonthly RatesGoogle Rating
ACX Outsourcing Hub​B30 James Town Mandaue, Mantawe Ave, Mandaue City₱30₱250₱3,5005/5
Cocoon EcoCoworking Space2nd Flr. Sy Building, F. Llamas St. Tisa, Cebu City ₱35₱150₱2,5005/5
Co.Lab Einland​2F Northdrive Mall, Ouano Ave, Mandaue City₱1505/5
DeskVerve Point, Gov.M.Cuenco, Nasipit, Talamban₱35₱260₱4,5004/5
DeskoG/f Cityscape Tower, Juana Osmeña St, Cebu City₱35₱350₱5,2505/5
The Company IT Park8F Mabuhay Tower, Corner J.M. Del Mar & A. Abad St. Cebu City₱400₱6,5005/5
The Company MandaueGround Floor, Building 4, JDN Square, P. Remedio Street, Banilad, Mandaue City₱400₱4005/5
The Workplace Cafe Banawa2 Autogas Station, Banawa, Guadalupe, Cebu City₱50₱320₱60005/5
The Workplace Cafe MactanUnit 7 Bldg. C, The Outlets at Pueblo, Lapu-Lapu City₱50₱320₱60005/5
The Workplace Cafe MandaueJamestown Mandaue, Mantawe Ave, Tipolo, Mandaue City₱50₱320₱60005/5
The Workplace Cafe RamosRaintree Mall F. Ramos St., Cebu City₱50₱320₱60005/5

1. ACX Outsourcing Hub​

ACX has lots of sunlight and very affordable prices, including hourly billing. It’s still new and that means it’s currently much less crowded than The Workplace Cafe Mandaue, which is located in the same building. 

It’s located in Jamestown Mandaue, near Parkmall.

What else is good to know? Read our ACX Outsourcing Hub review.

2. Avant Offices

Due to the pandemic, they only cater to monthly subscriptions.

(We haven’t visited yet.)

Find them at Avenir Bldg., near IT Park.

3. Cocoon EcoCoworking Space

Located in Punta 110 Bldg, Llamas Street Cebu City

Landmark: Across Ma. Lina Catering Services, beside BPI Saving Punta branch.

Opening Hours: 

  • Mon-Sat 9:00am – 9:00pm

4. Co.Lab Einland

Small, light-flooded place thanks to half the walls being made of glass. Good internet, quiet, but uncomfortable seats.

Located in Northdrive Mall, near Park Mall.

Opening Hours:

  • Mon-Sat 8:00am – 8:00pm

What else is good to know? Read all about Co.Lab in our full review.

5. Desko

Desko is one of the bigger coworking spaces near Mango Square and Fuente Osmena circle in Cebu City. You’ll love that it’s always open, 24/7 all year. Students enjoy this space in particular because it features hourly billing and affordable food choices.

G/F Cityscape Tower, Juana Osmena St.

6. The Company IT Park

Most people we ask consider The Company IT Park the best space for professionals: Healthy mix of coworkers, regular events and staff that tries to push the community forward.

Opening Hours for the hot-seat area:

  •  Mon-Fri 9:00am -7:00pm

The Company IT Park is located on the 15th floor of HM Tower in IT Park.

7. The Company Mandaue

The best coworking space for video calls: great internet, not crowded, quiet, has phone booths. Lacking sunlight.

Opening Hours for the hot-seat area: 

  • Mon-Fri 9:00am – 7:00pm)

Located near the Oakridge Business Park on AS Fortuna, Mandaue.

8. The Mezzanine Cafe

The Mezzanine Cafe a café that’s also a coworking space: They don’t charge for the seat, but you do need to buy food or a beverage. The space is split between the cafe part with music and the quiet study part. The biggest downside is that with those amazing offerings, the place gets packed and the internet suffers quite a bit.

Opening Hours: 

  • Mon-Sat 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Mezzanine is located in Ramos, near Fuente Osmena.

9. The Workplace Cafe Banawa

The Workplace Cafe Banawa offers the usual goodies of a The Workplace Cafe branch: decent chairs, a food menu, call cubicles amongst others. Unlike the other to branches, Banawa feels more spacious—we like it best of the three.

Opening Hours: 

  • Mon – Sun: 8:00 am – 12:00 midnight

Located next to the 1st AutoGas station in Banawa, Guadalupe.

10. The Workplace Cafe Mandaue

The Workplace Cafe Banawa offers the usual goodies of a The Workplace Cafe branch: decent chairs, a food menu, call cubicles amongst others. It’s the branch with the most sunlight, which we love.

Opening Hours: 24/7 (it’s always open)

Located near Park Mall in Mandaue.

11. The Workplace Cafe Mactan

Workplace Cafe Mactan is one of Cebu’s welcome additions to the coworking scene, offering sensible amenities and above-average service.

Pueblo Verde, Mactan’s exciting lifestyle destination, makes a perfect backdrop for the thoughtfully designed coworking space. You can find the Workplace Cafe Mactan at Unit 7 Bldg. C, The Outlets at Pueblo Verde, Lapu-Lapu City.

Contact information: (032) 417 0637 / 0968 404 6187 / Facebook Page / Website

12. Worklab

Worklab features cubicles and table seats and a good atmosphere for working. The chairs aren’t too comfortable, but internet is fast.

Opening Hours: 24/7 (it’s always open)

Located near the Talamban campus of University of San Carlos.

Who else writes about coworking spaces in Cebu?

We want this page to be useful for you. We’re most useful when we admit that we can’t do everything and point you in the right direction.

Here are sites that discuss or list coworking spaces in Cebu, sorted by the last update, so you get the most recent content first. Let us know if you know of others that we should add.

Who writes about coworking spaces outside of Cebu? features a good overview of coworking spaces in the Philippines. Refreshing to read someone considering spaces outside of Metro Manila. (September 2019)

Ruben Licera wrote a post about the best coworking spaces in General Santos. Love it! (June 2016)

Opinions & Mistakes

We’re not affiliated with nay of the places listed here, but we do like some places better than others. Our opinions about places are just that: opinions. Not everyone 

We’re not affiliated with nay of the places listed here, but we do like some places better than others. Our opinions about places are just that: opinions. Not everyone agrees with our views, and that’s good: there is a coworking space for every taste.  

We try to give you accurate and complete information, but we make mistakes and things change without us noticing. Did you spot a mistake? That’s great! Please tell us at or on Facebook or  Instagram.

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