A Quiet Space (Permanently Closed)

Permanently Closed

A Quiet Space is now permanently closed. We’re leaving the review here anyway.

A Quiet Space was a small, cute coworking space near Golden Peak Hotel in the Ayala area. You’d enjoy it because it was sunlit, offered great chairs, hourly billing and both snacks and great coffee are unlimited and included. We’re leaving the r

Facilities are very good. Wifi is fast and stable. Electric outlets are plentiful and not only Type A. Chairs are comfortable and height-adjustable. The rest room is good.

We find A Quiet Space cozy and detail-oriented. The outside wall of this single room is made of glass, so there is plenty of sunshine. Each work table features small storage areas, not just the plain four-legs-and-a-roof table of other spaces. The snacks and very decent bean coffees and the fact that the room is small make the space welcoming and at the same time good for focusing. Ironically, A Quiet Space features a rather loud aircon, so even when no one is there, it’s not exactly quiet.

Who is running this space? A Quiet Space is a side project of Sense Software Solutions, who re-purposed the front room of their old office into a coworking space—you’ll see their new office rooms right next to it.

We last visited A Quiet Space in January 2020.

Promos & Latest Updates

January 2020: We visited and opening hours and rates and the snack situation are still the same. 🙂

Rates, Hours & Wifi

Coworking / study area

  • Hourly rate: ₱50
  • Day pass rate: ₱350
  • Monthly rate: ₱5000

Opening hours

It’s now permanently closed.

Wifi & Internet

Contact Phone number and A Quiet Space online

+63 (032) 319 1569

A Quiet Space on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AQuietSpaceCebu 

A Quiet Space web page: www.aquietspaceph.com 

Where to Find it: Address and Map

A Quiet space is located near Ayala. Landmarks are Golden Peak Hotel and Harolds. It’s across AutoLab.

C. Rosal Street Corner Acacia Street,

Cebu City

What’s near A Quiet Space?

Hive Coworking Cafe is another work space near A Quiet Space

Ayala shopping mall is 5 minutes walking away. More food and clothing choices than you can possibly ask for.

This is a bit of a hidden gem, so promise you won’t tell! In one of the backstreet near A Quiet Space, you’ll find the Italian restaurant called La Buona. The food is good, if on the pricey side, and the owners are a lovely Filipino-italian family.

Outlets, Chairs, Lavatory and other Facilities

  • How big is the space? 7 individual tables, 6 seats at a roundtable
  • At the individual seats the chairs are great for Cebu standards: comfortable and height adjustable with arm rests. The chairs at the roundtable are the exact opposite: hard and unergonomic.
  • There are multiple outlets for each individual seat. They support more than just Type A, so you might not need an adapter.
  • The rest rooms are part of the office of Sense Software, and clean, well ventilated and stocked with toilet paper. The only downside is that there is only one—but otherwise you’re good to go. 🙂
  • Parking is available in front of the building. Motorcycles will always find a spot there, car parking is available but limited.

    Meeting Rooms and other Services

    Meeting room

    • Hourly rate: ₱550
    • Up – to 14 people
    • Free – flowing coffee and snacks
    • Private desks
    • Power outlets
    • Exclusive use of the entire place

    Coffee, Drinks & Food on Menu

    A Quiet Space has a unique offer: unlimited snacks are included.

    Also included is unlimited coffee—and not the usual cheap stuff that looks and tastes like you might clean an engine with it, but actually decent beans, along with drip equipment to make a nice cup. 

    Picture Gallery

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    A Quiet Space
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    A Quiet Space
    A Quiet Space


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