Desko Coworking Space Cebu: Updated Review, Opening Hours and More

Desko is one of the bigger coworking spaces near Mango Square and Fuente Osmena circle in Cebu City. You’ll love that it’s always open, 24/7 all year. Students enjoy this space in particular because it features hourly billing and affordable food choices.

Facilities are solid. Wifi is fast and stable enough for video calls. Electric outlets are everywhere and support more than Type A plugs. Seating is comfortable for the most part. The rest room situation isn’t great.

Desko is a functional space with little sunlight. With a bit of a cellar feeling, it is useful for focus working. It features outside seating, separated by a glass wall. Although there are no outlets there, it allows you to make calls and be a bit louder—if you can bear the hot air and the noise and pollution of the traffic right outside.

You can do worse than working drom Desko for the day, then heading down the street to Persian Palate for Hummus or Draft Punk for a beer.

We last visited Desko in November 2019.

Promos and Latest Updates

Rates, Hours & Wifi

Coworking / study area

  • For first hour: ₱50, succeeding time – ₱25
  • Daily rate 24 hrs: ₱500
  • Weekly rate: ₱2500
  • Monthly: ₱7500

Opening hours

Open 24/7. On holidays they make exceptions so do check.

Wifi & Internet

  • A speed test showed 19 Mbit down and 18 up. (Screenshot: fast-desko-jones.jpg)
  • Wifi login page:
  • If you opt for hourly billing then you are given 4h or 8h Wifi passes, unless you ask for 24h passes. You don’t want those 4h to be up in the middle of a video call. So either manage those times or ask for a 24h pass.

Contact Phone number and Desko online

+63 933 875 1168

Desko on Facebook:

Where to Find Desko: Address and Map

G/F Cityscape Tower, Juana Osmena St.

Cebu City

What’s near Desko?

Kapel is a coffee shop around the corner. They have internet, so Desko doesn’t work out and you need internet fast, this is a good spot 

iioffice is the nearest coworking space to Desko. It’s located on the other side of Osmena Boulevard.

Robinson’s super market is right on the other side of the street. Good opportunity to do some shopping after work.

Persian Palate is an affordable restaurant nearby that offers vegetarian food. On Fridays evenings, their P299 vegetarian buffet is popular. Read more about Persian Palate and vegetarian food options in Cebu. 

Draft Punk is a hip craft beer bar with outside seating. It’s one of the nicer places in Mango, with music and of course decent beer choices.

Outlets, Chairs, Lavatory and other Facilities

  • Each seat features two electrical outlets, and they support not just Type A. The only place where outlets are missing is the outdoor area.
  • The chairs were a bit of a mixed-bag. Most chairs and benches are polstered and comfortable enough. They all have back support, but none are height-adjustable.
  • Phone or video calls: Desko is a quiet space without call booths, so doing a call inside isn’t a great option. We’d recommend using the outside seating area, separated by a glass wall. With a noise-cancelling microphone, this worked as a stop gap.
  • Parking: There is limited parking for motorcycles in the underground garage of the hotel. There is none for cars.
  • Rest rooms are part of the hotel lobby. It’s not terrible but also not overly clean and there usually is no toilet paper so if you’re in Desko for longer … bring some.  (Or buy at Rustan’s.)

Meeting Rooms and other Services

  • There are no conference rooms or meeting rooms

Coffee, Drinks & Food on Menu

  • Unlimited water, brewed coffee and ice tea (the sugary drink)
  • They serve snacks such as sandwiches and sweets, such as muffins
  • An all-day breakfast menu consists only of meaty food such as Sisig or Hungarian sausage.
  • Corkage fee: We’re not aware of any.

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