Hive Coworking Cafe: Updated Review, Opening Hours and More

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Hive Coworking Cafe Cebu is a coworking space in walking distance from Ayala shopping mall in Cebu City. Hive’s opening hours are amazing: they are open 24/7. You’ll enjoy the place for it’s café-like atmosphere and its glass wall which lets in lots of indirect sunlight.

Facilities are okay, not great. Wifi is fast. Electric outlets are plenty but you’ll need an adapter for most of them, except for the window seats. Chairs are comfortable, but aren’t ergonomic. The CR (rest room) situation improved end of 2019, but still isn’t great. Read more about facilities below. 

The atmosphere is comfortable and good for focusing: the color are warm enough, there is sunlight, and it’s generally quiet.

We last visited The Hive in January 2020.

Promos & Latest Updates

  • End of 2019: Revamp of the check-in counter & kitchen area. The menu got slimmed down, for example no more grilled-vegetables sandwich and with it no more vegetarian lunch options. We still need to update the pictures.
  • End of 2019: The CR got renovated, yey! Finally you can take care of your necessities. 🙂 You’ll have to bring your own toilet paper, though.

Rates, Hours & Wifi

Coworking / study area

This is how much Hive charges for a seat:

  • Hourly rate: ₱50
  • Daily rate: ₱450
  • Monthly: ₱6000
  • An 8-person table for ₱350/h.

You can book their meeting room/conference room for ₱500/h.

You can also rent a projector (₱200/h or ₱500/4h) or print b/w pages (₱5) or in color (₱10).

Opening Hours

Hive Coworking Café is open 24/7, meaning to say it’s always open. Enjoy! 🙂

Wifi & Internet

Internet with Wifi is fast and was stable enough for video calls. Here is the result of an Internet speed test with

9.2 Mbps down, 9.7 Mbps up, 16ms unloaded latency, 21 ms loaded

Your device doesn’t redirect you automatically? Here is the Wifi login portal (as of Oct 2019):

Contact Phone number and Hive Online

Want to make sure a seat’s available? Give The Hive Coworking Cafe Cebu a call:

+63 (032) 564 2917

Apart from their phone number, they can also be reached on their Facebook page:

Unfortunately, the Hive Coworking Cafe webpage seems currently defunct.

Where to Find Hive: Address and Map

Hive Coworking Cafe is located on N. Escario Street, between Ayala and Gorordo. It’s in walking distance from Ayala shopping mall.

Here is the exact address of Hive:

G/F Arellano Square Building
N. Escario Street, corner Tojong Street

Cebu City

What’s near?

Ayala shopping mall is 5 minutes walking away. More food and clothing choices than you can possibly ask for. 

A Quiet Space

A Quiet Space, another coworking space, is located just around the block!

This is a bit of a hidden gem, so promise you won’t tell! In one of the back streets behind The Hive, you’ll find the Italian restaurant La Buona. The food is good, if on the pricey side, and the owners are a lovely Filipino-Italian family.

Outlets, Chairs, Lavatory and other Facilities

  • Outlets are plenty, but often only support Type A and B, so you might need an adapter.
  • Seats are comfortable but do not feature arm- or headrests and are not height-adjustable.
  • Comfort rooms (CR, toilet) are not great at The Hive but they improved end of 2019. The CR is located outside of the cafe, near the building’s staircase. Since it’s new, it’s clean and fairly alright smell-wise. Still, no toilet paper.
  • Parking, okay for cars and motorcycles.
  • The noise level at The Hive is okay, not great. Relaxed music is playing at low volume in the background, and there is the humming of ACs and all the kitchen equipment. The glass and concrete walls and ceiling don’t help. 

Meeting Rooms and other Services

  • The conference room has one big table that fits 10 people. They say you use the room for up to 15 people. It costs ₱500/h.
  • You can also rent a projector (₱200/h or ₱500/4h)
  • Printing is available: a black and white page costs ₱5, printing in color costs ₱10 per page.
  • A function hall is available.

Coffee, Drinks & Food on Menu

  • Unlimited brewed coffee and service water.
  • Hive has a food menu, see the pictures below. They serve both savoury and sweet things and sell snacks as well.
  • The Grilled Vegetable sandwich that we loved is gone.

Who else reviewed The Hive?

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Looking for a coworking space near The Hive? A Quiet Space is located just around the block!