The Workplace Cafe Ramos: Updated Review, Opening Hours and More

Rates, Hours & Wifi

Coworking space / study area

This is how much The Workplace Cafe charge:

  • For first hour:  ₱50
  • Hourly rate:  ₱40
  •  Day pass:  ₱300
  • Monthly:  ₱5000

Opening hours

Mon – Sat: 10:00 am – 6:00 am

Sunday: 12:00 nn – 6:00 am

Wifi & Internet

Contact Phone number and The Workplace Cafe Ramos online

Want to make sure a seat’s available? Give The Workplace Cafe Ramos a call:

+63 (032) 401 3324

Apart from their phone number, they can also be reached on their Facebook page:


Where to Find The Workplace Cafe Ramos: Address and Map

Yap Bldg., 4,

F. Ramos St, Cebu City.

What’s near?

NomadsHub is right next to workplace cafe. It’s  a coliving hostel and a coworking space.

The Good Cup Coffee Company is less than 5 minutes walk.

Outlets, Chairs, Lavatory and other Facilities

Facilities at all Workplace café branches are solid. Usually, you are fine. This branch has one exception: Wifi.

  • Generally, Wifi and Internet are good. The Ramos branch of The Workplace does have a problem when the space fills up: Then, the Internet connection can get saturated and we’ve had it repeatedly that our video calls became quite choppy. Audio-only calls still worked.
  • The electrical outlet situation is great: they are available everywhere and support a variety of plugs, not just Type A and B. (See pictures below.)
  • Chairs are a big plus of all Workplace Cafe branches: They are height-adjustable and feature armrests. (What should be the norm, really isn’t in Cebu.) Note that they do not have headrests.
  • The CR (rest room) in this branch is clean without bad odor, has a proper seat, and features toilet paper. The only issue we have is that there is only one CR for everyone, so  sometimes you have to queue and wait.
  • Parking very limited for cars and motorcycle.

Meeting Rooms and other Services

Small meeting rooms: 8 – 10 persons

  • Per hour:  ₱360
  • 3 hours:  ₱900
  • Whole day (8 hours):  ₱2160

Big meeting rooms: 12 – 20 persons

  • Per hour:  ₱500
  • 3 hours:  ₱1250
  • Whole day (8 hours):  ₱3000

 Floor Rental for Workshops / Trainings: 15 – 30 persons

  • Per hour:  ₱900
  • 3 hours:  ₱2250
  •  Whole day (8 hours):  ₱5400

Inclusions: LCD Projector, Whiteboard, Complimentary Drink per person, Unlimited Wifi, Ergonomic Seats.

Coffee, Drinks & Food on Menu

This is where The Workplace Cafe Ramos shines: They pioneered the idea in Cebu that the work space provides you everything you need so you never really have to leave. The food menu is a big part of that concept.

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