best drinks for focus and concentration

Best Drinks for Focus and Concentration: We Love #2!

Avoid the damaging effects of oxidative stress on your brain by drinking the best drinks for focus and concentration.

You often switch gears fast between many projects as a digital nomad and freelancer. You have commitments to your clients for meeting deadlines, timely invoicing, and upskilling.

To maintain this lovely lifestyle for as long as possible, you must provide your brain with the fuel it needs. 

Up to 20% of your caloric intake goes toward fueling the brain, making it your body’s “hungriest” organ. 

Glucose, derived from the breakdown of food, is the brain’s primary energy source. Neurons in the brain receive glucose via the blood. It consumes nutrients quickly due to its high metabolism.

In addition to calories, your brain also needs antioxidants that protect it. 

Brain tissue is particularly vulnerable to the destructive effects of oxidative stress. Free radicals, unstable chemicals that destroy cells, outnumber antioxidants in the brain.

Antioxidants and minerals protect the brain from oxidation and inflammation. 

So, here are the beverages you need to keep your brain healthy and the best drinks for focus and concentration.

1. Almond Milk

almond milk

There’s a solid reason why almond milk is becoming more common in cafes around the globe. This well-liked dairy-free alternative is high in vital nutrients and may have numerous positive health effects.

Drinking almond milk is one of the best ways to get vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

Almond milk is an alternative if you are lactose intolerant or allergic to the proteins in cow’s milk. Almonds alleviate brain diseases like memory loss, headache, and insomnia. Its oil helps with brain dryness.

2. Black tea

best drinks for focus and concentration

Regularly consuming tea can delay brain structure deterioration that comes with aging. 

That’s what a study conducted between 2015 and 2018 by researchers at the National University of Singapore discovered.

The researchers surveyed 36 seniors aged 60 and up to learn more about their physical and mental well-being. The volunteers underwent cognitive testing and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The researchers found that those who drank green tea, oolong tea, or black tea at a minimum of four per week had better connectivity between brain regions.

Black tea is beneficial if you’re also fighting stress. Constant interruptions and a lack of available time are sources of stress. All of these make it harder for us to concentrate.

According to research conducted by University College London, black tea drinkers have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol following a stressful incident.

Some popular types of black tea are the following:

  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Darjeeling Tea
  • Ceylon Tea
  • Scottish, English, or Irish Breakfast Tea
  • Masala Chai Tea

3. Kombucha


A fermented beverage, kombucha is typically produced from green or black tea and fruit or botanicals. Its main benefit is its probiotic properties, which are good bacteria.

The gut-brain axis is a two-way line of communication between your digestive tract and your cerebral cortex. And it is hypothesized that a healthy gut can increase cognitive performance.

Your body can produce natural antioxidants, but you can also get them from your diet. Naturally occurring and dietary antioxidants help mitigate the harmful effects of oxidation and free radicals. 

Since the brain does not contain as many antioxidant enzymes as other body parts, dietary antioxidants play a more significant function in protecting brain tissue. Because of this, it’s crucial to eat well and exercise if you want to keep your brain in excellent shape.

Incorporating these three drinks into your daily routine can help you keep up with your freelance work. These are the best drinks for focus and concentration to help you keep living the digital nomad lifestyle.

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