Nomad’s Hub Coworking Space: Updated Review, Opening Hours and More

Nomad’s Hub is a combination of coworking space and hostel—marketed as co-living. You’ll enjoy it for its 24/7 opening hours, hourly billing and its no-fuss, functional approach to coworking in lively Ramos.

Facilities are decent. Wifi is fast and stable. Every seat is equipped with two electric outlets that accept not only Type A plugs. The chairs are comfortable but not height-adjustable. The rest room is clean. Like The Workplace Cafe Ramos next door (actually it’s two doors), Nomad’s Hub offers a food menu—unfortunately with little choice for someone wishing to eat healthy or vegetarian.

The atmosphere at Nomad’s Hub is good for working. Apart from people eating and people checking in to the hostel part, the volume is generally low. There is a speck of sunlight coming in and bustling Ramos is right outside, if you need other food options. We find the seating a bit cramped, but that’s no different from The Workplace Cafe Ramos.

We last visited Nomad’s Hub in December 2019.

Rates, Hours & Wifi

Coworking / study area

  • Per hour:  ₱35
  • Day pass (24 hours):  ₱300
  • Monthly (30 days):  ₱4500

Opening hours

NomadsHub is open 24/7.

Wifi & Internet

Contact Phone number and NomadsHub online

+63 (032) 348 0071

NomadsHub on Facebook: 

NomadsHub on Web: 

Where to Find NomadsHub: Address and Map

Building F, Unit 1 Yap,

Ramos Street, Cebu City

What’s near?


Altspace is another coworking space that’s located in Ramos.

The Workplace Cafe Ramos a coworking space located in Ramos.

The Good Cup Coffee Company will serve you the best cappuccino in this part of the city, possibly in all of Cebu. It’s outstanding – and less than 5 minutes walking away! 

Outlets, Chairs, Lavatory and other Facilities

  • Parking, very limited for cars and motorcycles.

Meeting Rooms and other Services

Conference room: up to 10 seating capacity

  • Per Hour:  ₱400

Co – Living Hostel 

  • Mixed room of 12:  ₱550 / night
  • Mixed room of 10:  ₱600 / night
  • Mixed room of 8: 650 / night
  • Female room of 8:  ₱650 / night


Coffee, Drinks & Food on Menu

  •  You can order some food on their menu.
  • Free flowing coffee and iced tea.
  • Outside food is allowed.

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