The Mezzanine Cafe Cebu: Updated Review, Opening Hours and More

The Mezzanine Cafe is a coworking space near Fuente Osmena circle in Cebu City. Plenty sunlight, the pricing (you only pay for food and beverages!) and the relaxed atmosphere make it a good choice for a few hours of work. Chairs and the spotty internet make it a less ideal space for a serious day of work.

Facilities-wise, Mezzanine is alright—depending on the time of day. Wifi was fine—until the space filled up in the afternoon, at which point the connection often dropped so that even browsing became a problem. Electric outlets are almost everywhere and support multiple plug types. Chairs are unfortunately hard and unergonomic. The CR (rest room) is in the “okay” category. Read more about facilities below.

In our opinion, Mezzanine is the perfect place for students. Unlike other spaces like The Workplace Cafe that have a cafe atmosphere, Mezzanine truly is a cafe: you only pay for food and beverages. There is no hourly or daily seat fee. Mezzanine does another thing well: it separates the cafe from the quiet area. In the cafe area music plays in the background, its a pleasant place to be and it’s generally more noisy, like in a cafe. In the quiet study area, separated by a door, people whisper and you can focus well.

We last visited The Mezzanine Cafe in October 2019

Rates, Hours & Wifi

Coworking / study area

Free. That’s right: you don’t pay for the seat. You must however buy food or a beverage. The prices are normal, so there is lots of stuff around P100 or less. 

Opening Hours

The opening hours are very simple:

Mon – Sat 09:00 am – 06:00 pm

Wifi & Internet

It can be bad. They have four Wifis networks there: two for normal internet, two for Fiber. Both are fine and stable—until the room fills up. With dozens of students filling the place in the afternoon, Internet became so bad that regardless of the Wifi network, at times I could not browse the web.

Contact Phone number and Mezzanine Online

Want to ask them a question? Give them a call:

+63 (032) 342 0572

To reach them via Facebook and for more info see the Mezzanine Facebook page: themezzaninecafe

Where to Find Mezzanine: Address and Map

D. Jakosalem St.,

Cebu City

What’s near?​


Altspace is a coworking space nearby with a very similar cafe-like vibe, though they have hourly billing. The coffee is great, it’s small and so far Internet was always stable.  

The Good Cup Coffee Company will serve you the best cappuccino in this part of the city, possibly in all of Cebu. It’s outstanding—and less than 5 minutes walking away!

Wellnessland is a vegan bistro and healthy food store with a huge menu. Serving times can be … long. Read more about vegetarian and vegan food options.

Outlets, Chairs, Lavatory and other Facilities

  • Wifi and Internet are okay—until the space fills up in the afternoon. With many dozens of students in the space, we had a hard time browsing, let alone doing calls.
  • Electric outlets are everywhere, except for the middle tables in the quiet study area.
  • Seating isn’t a plus of Mezzanine. Chairs are hard and uncomfortable. The wooden seats at the window in the cafe area are as hard as they look. Neither are height adjustable or ergonomic.
  • There is one CR (rest room) for the cafe. It’s cleaned and has toilet paper, although it’s very narrow. As with the Internet, as the space fills up the rest room suffers, too.

Meeting Rooms and other Services

Conference Room Rates (8 – 10 persons)

  • good for 8 hours:  ₱4,800
    •  ₱2500 of it is consumable
  • 2 hours:  ₱1500 consumable
  • Excess per hour:  ₱350

Study Area Exclusive Rates (up to 25 persons)

  • good for 8 hours:  ₱8800
    •  ₱5500 of it is consumable
  • 2 hours:  ₱3000 consumable
  • Excess per hour:  ₱750

Coffee, Drinks & Food on Menu

There is a dozen choices of food and beverages. It’s targeted at students, so the prices are quite low, but you’re hard pressed looking for something healthy.

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